6 Things to Know Before You Go to Your First Trade Show

If you’ve never attended a trade show, then you are in for an experience. This can be the perfect opportunity for you to tell everyone about your product and services. Just set your stand display up and get ready to impress. If this is your business, get excited, if you are representing your employer’s business, still get excited. It means a lot that you were selected by your employer to have the chance to participate in this trade show. This is a big responsibility, but don’t get too nervous, we have you covered with these 6 tips you need to know before your first trade show.

Get a high-quality display

People say not to judge a book by its cover, but in this case, that is exactly what they may be doing. If you have a poor-quality display, people may just walk right past you and not even give your booth a chance. People will judge the quality of your product or service based on the time and effort that you put into your display. Don’t make a display that is too cluttered or one that is too empty. Do not forget to put your display away carefully after the trade show so you will be able to reuse it. That displays an investment and should last you between three and five years.

Say hi to everyone who walks by your display

People like to feel acknowledged and appreciated. Most of the exhibitors don’t bother to pay attention to potential clients, so people walking by your display will be surprised and take notice when you say hi or give them a simple smile. When they come over, relax, no need to give a sales pitch right away. Be casual, ask questions and let things go from there.

Set realistic goals

Do not expect to get a million clients from these trade shows. Do not even expect to speak to hundreds of people. Do not be disappointed by this. Focus on really connecting with the people you do get a chance to speak with and build a personal relationship with them. 5 high-quality leads who will actually buy from you are way better than 100 leads who you will never hear from again.

How you will get to the event

You need some way to get to the event, but you also need room to transport multiple staff members and all of your display materials. Your regular vehicle may not be the best option for this. Getting a van rental can be a great idea.

Try not to go by yourself

While this is not always possible, it is best to go with at least one other person on staff. You will have someone there to aid you and make sure that you do not miss out on potential clients when you need to do typical human things like eat lunch or go to the restroom. You can even alternate shifts if you like, so one person is not glued to the display.

Don’t stress if you don’t see results immediately

You may get some business immediately after the trade show, but do not be disappointed if this is not the case. Slow and steady wins the race. Follow up with those leads and follow up more than once because there is a good chance that their inboxes will be flooded with emails after the trade show from other people following up as well. Just make sure that they keep you in mind when they are ready to make that purchase.


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