5 Ways To Create a More People Friendly Workplace

How to keep your employees happy and motivated

With a few simple changes, you can create a flexible, people-friendly workplace that leaves your staff happy, motivated and productive.

People are the backbone of any organisation, and if you want your business to realise its full potential, it’s vital to treat your employees well and create a people-friendly workplace.

Communication and collaboration

Establishing a workplace that values and promotes communication and collaboration is key to keeping employees happy and motivated, so do your best to create a supportive and transparent working environment where people are encouraged to share ideas and provide constructive feedback. Good teamwork is also critical, so make it easy for people to collaborate and work on joint projects by providing a flexible office layout with a variety of working spaces, and further boost team spirit with regular events where people can socialise with each other away from the office.

Comfortable office

We spend a large part of our life at work, so creating a pleasant and comfortable working environment is sure to be appreciated by your staff. Noise, poor air quality, uncomfortable temperatures and lack of space can all have a negative impact on our satisfaction levels and mental health, so make sure that your work space is well ventilated, well lit, spacious, and heated or cooled appropriately. Poor posture at work can lead to serious health problems so it’s also important to ensure that your employees have the necessary equipment to carry out their work safely and comfortably.

Flexible working

Research has shown that flexibility in the workplace is highly valued by employees – potentially even more so than financial incentives – and offering flexibility can go a long way towards creating a people-friendly working environment. This can mean introducing flexible hours and family-friendly policies, as well as offering employees the freedom to work how and where they choose, for example with hot-desking, teleconferencing and the option to work from home.

Secure storage

If you decide to implement more flexible working practices, you need to make sure that your office environment is adapted to this way of working – and secure storage is an important element of this. Having somewhere secure to store their belongings means that staff don’t feel the need to always carry their laptops and other items between work and home, and they have the additional benefit of helping to keep the office environment free from clutter. Today’s smart lockers offer a much higher level of security than traditional lockers, and have a range of features which make it simple to manage access and usage.

Good benefits

Good benefits can be a key source of worker satisfaction – but this doesn’t have to mean pay rises and large bonuses. There are plenty of other ways to reward and incentivise your employees, with perks such as discount schemes, private health insurance, onsite recreation activities, and even free hot drinks or a weekly fruit basket. Many companies also offer wellness programmes or discounted gym membership; as well as being a popular incentive this also offers the added benefit of creating a healthier workforce.

By creating a people-friendly working environment, you can benefit from a workforce that is happier, productive and motivated, helping you take your business from strength to strength.

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