5 Top Headhunting Techniques Used to Secure Candidates

It takes diligence and plenty of creativity to make sure that you attract the best of the best talent for your company. Although technology does give you the ability to reach a broader audience quickly, it is up to you entirely, to make yourself – the employer, your company, and the job you are offering, so exciting, that those top-class candidates cannot resist applying for the position!

Following are some of the best headhunting techniques for hiring the best employees:

• Handle applicants like clients – first impressions last, as the saying goes, so it is imperative that the candidates you are interviewing, get the feeling that you are just as excited to meet them, as they are about applying for the job, so –

• Be hospitable – make him/her feel welcome by offering a drink and mentioning where the bathroom is, just as you would do with a guest in your home.

• Respect their time – their time is just as precious to them as yours is to you, so always be on time. If you are running late, then let the person know in good time, and apologise for your tardiness.

• Offer an “open door” policy – let potential applicants know that you are available at any time to discuss their questions and concerns, by providing them with your contact details.

• Make the job description as compelling as possible – one of the most essential parts of hiring the best employee is to write a mind-blowing job description!

• Give an accurate title – the more specific the title, the more your chances will be to grab the attention of highly qualified job seekers.

• Provide an exciting overview – the summary of the job should be so exciting, that it immediately grabs and holds the interest of the job seeker.

• Give details of the essentials – include the main responsibilities, the soft and hard skills required, the day-to-day activities, and the precise role of that position in the company.

• Make it brief – according to Indeed data, job applications increase by 30% for descriptions that are from 700 to 2000 characters, instead of the long and drawn-out ones that are the norm for many businesses.

• Have peers sit in on the interview – the best person to participate in an interview, could very well be an employee who holds the same or similar position in the company. He/she knows already what is required to do an exceptional job and will be able to verify if the applicant has the experience and skills needed to perform well.

This employee will also be able to give the candidate a precise description of a typical day at work, and what will be expected of him/her if their application is successful.

In conclusion

Use these tried and tested headhunting techniques and you are sure to employ the perfect, most skilled, and capable person for the position you are offering. Eagle Headhunters is the type of company you need when you are looking for top employees. They do whatever it takes, to match your needs with the best person most qualified to do the job.

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