5 Of the Most Beneficial Team Building Activities for Businesses

Sick of the same staged events that aren’t bringing any real value to your business? Read on for some fresh ideas for you and your team.

The phrase “company team building day” can invoke intense feelings of dread in even the most seasoned professionals. But don’t worry – team building events are no longer the staged, unengaging and quite frankly embarrassing occasions that they used to be.

In fact, there are plenty of quirky team building activities out there for business owners who are bored of the norm. These events have been specifically developed to strengthen bonds between employees without forcing relationships, or indeed taking staff way outside of their comfort zones.

The key to finding a team building activity that benefits your business is to shop around for an idea that suits your brand and, crucially, your people. After all, an activity that suits a team of outgoing sales managers is not likely to appeal to those who are more introverted in nature.

Below, we’ve taken a look at five of the most original team building ideas to come out of some of the UK’s top team building companies. These activities cater for all personality types and can be tailored to suit the needs of a business in any industry.   

Graffiti and Urban Art Workshops

This hands-on activity allows staff to get to grips with the principles of urban art and apply their own handiwork to your company’s logo. Graffiti workshops will encourage creativity, develop relationships between your team members and give you a chance to discuss your company’s core values. You’ll come away from the event with a unique piece of artwork for your office, too!

Trading Floor Experiences

Recreate the thrill of trading on the stock exchange with this unusual group activity. Exercises are themed around buying stocks at low prices and selling them on for a profit within a set timeframe, so you can expect a high-adrenaline experience that encourages every team member to take responsibility for their own success. A Trading Floor experience will allow your staff the chance to demonstrate their planning, management and decision-making skills, allowing you to see who shines and who crumbles in a high-pressure environment (albeit a fake one!).

Filming Days

During team building filming activities, guests are given tablets with easy-to-use editing software and told to go off and make their very own movie at a location of your choice. After getting a briefing from the organisers, they will write, direct and act in their high quality video and will be given the opportunity to present their work to each other at the end of the session.

We can’t guarantee that the activity will unearth a secret Spielberg within your team – but we do know that filming days encourage collaboration and instil more confidence in those who may not be completely comfortable with today’s technology.


If your workplace is packed full of Great British Bake Off fans, let your staff collectively channel their inner Mary Berry and let them loose at their very own mini cook station, complete with an oven, recipe cards, and everything they need to whip up their best possible creations together. Some companies will organise their Bake Off event as a competition to encourage a little bit of healthy rivalry between staff members; others will take the heat out of the equation by employing a more relaxed approach. The general purpose of this activity, however, is to encourage teamwork – plus, everyone will get go home with a bagful of delicious cakes, cookies and other tasty treats. Bonus!  

Team Treasure Hunts

Group treasure hunts are arguably one of the most popular team building activities, yet they can be tailored to your own unique requirements. With a little guidance from you, a specialist team building events provider will be able to set up a hunt for your team in any location, be it indoors, outdoors, or a mixture of both. Make use of the latest GPS technology for the ultimate interactive experience and have fun exploring the local landscape with your staff. In fact, this activity would be perfect for companies who have recently moved office and want to get more familiar with their new surroundings!

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