4 Ways to make Money on Social Media

You must have heard that Selena Gomez gets over $400,000 per post for advertising businesses on her page. She could be taking of something as mundane as how to compare insurance covers and she would still make it interesting enough to convert a small percentage of her 10 million-plus viewers. This is certainly why she commands such monies – her massive following that hangs on to her every word.

While you may not have 10 million followers, you can still make money off your social site.  Here are a few ways that you can still make money with as few as 800 followers.

  • Valuable Content

It is not always about numbers. You could have over 10,000 followers but still not be able to add the kind of value that companies want. A valuable influencer is able to bring people of all walks of life to their site. Organizations will appreciate an influencer who has clout with their preferred audience ad they will pay for that kind of influence.

If an organization reaches out to you to promote their products and/or services, it is not enough to post a paid update on your site. You could make it more relatable by following it up with a blog post and even better if you posted photos of you using that product. Consumers find that more believable and it could influence their decision even more. While her, you want to only associate with brands you can use and trust.

  • Selling Products

If you have a well-established blog and have become anonymous with a certain service or niche, you could make some money from selling eBooks that talk about your niche. If you are an excellent content provider with lots of experience and is quite successful, you could start online master classes to teach others how to excel in the same field.

  • Be an Affiliate

Amazon is probably the best-known site for affiliate marketing. Instead of posting links on your social sites and spamming them, you are best served by long reviews. You will then earn commission on every item bought through the link you posted.

You want to only review products that you have used to ensure that the information is honest and will be beneficial to your reads. Before sending out a review on your site, let the audience know that you are an affiliate with that site for best practice. The best product review is not the most positive, but rather the most believable. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you don’t like about a product.

  • YouTube Partner Program

A lot goes into coming up with YouTube content worth watching, and so you should be prepared for the work. It takes time to get a sizeable followership but it happens over time. Consistency is key as is creating valuable content. YouTube uses advertising to help you make money. If your viewers don’t “skip add” or can wait for the ad to run for at least 30 seconds, you will earn a percentage of the income coming through that advert.

There are several ways you can turn your social presence into a goldmine. Just find what suits you.

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