3 reasons you need help with your recruitment technique

Hiring the right people is important to any business. However, perfecting your recruitment technique can sometimes prove difficult. So, here are three reasons why you might need help with this process.

  1. You’re not attracting suitable candidates

It’s likely that you’ll want to attract competent and knowledgeable individuals, so making sure you’re reaching out to the right candidates is extremely important. If you find you’re getting interest from unsuitable applicants, you might want to think about how you can change this.

How you advertise an opening will help to determine the type of people who apply. While newspaper advertisements can be effective, you may also want to think about utilising other channels to publicise the fact that you’re looking to fill a position. For example, popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can be powerful tools when it comes to job advertising. You might benefit from creating a careers page on your website too.

Meanwhile, if you’re struggling to attract interest from the right types of people, you could enlist the services of a human resource specialist such as Penna. These agencies are able to help you seek out the best talent for your company.

  1. You’re not providing the right information

So that prospective employees have a clear understanding of the jobs they are applying for, it’s important to make sure you provide the right information. If a candidate’s perception of the job does not match reality, they could become disengaged and unhappy in the role and end up leaving your company. This can be hugely inconvenient and mean you end up having to spend time and money restarting the recruitment process.

To help ensure you don’t find yourself in this position, you could start by putting together realistic yet simple job descriptions. You’ll need to carefully list the responsibilities related to the role and make it clear what skills the candidate should have. Avoid providing vague information and make sure the appropriate details are included, such as job title, salary and working hours.

  1. You’re not fully prepared

Prior to an interview, the best candidates will take time to research your company. Those who go to this effort are often serious about wanting the role they’re applying for. If the candidate can arrive prepared, so should you. Being disorganised for an interview could leave your most desirable applicants feeling disappointed and quickly turn them off wanting to work for you.

If you’re in need of help when it comes to recruitment preparation, you could start by simply reading candidates’ applications before you meet them and making sure you’re ready to answer any questions that may come your way during interviews.

Taking these useful tips into consideration should help you pinpoint where you might be going wrong when it comes to your recruitment process and how you can improve your hiring technique.

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